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Want to learn how to make Oracle and PeopleSoft application changes fast, reliable, and compliant?

Due to time constraints and overloaded schedules, Oracle Application business analysts and super users sometimes take short-cuts and make unauthorized changes directly in their production environment.  Why?  The changes are usually in response to an application problem that needs a fix ASAP.

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Horário: 12:00 às 13:00

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Oracle GoldenGate 12c Use Cases, Oracle GoldenGate 12c Uni-Directional Configuration and IOUG Data Integration SIG

This session will introduce the different Oracle GoldenGate 12cuse cases to the community and how Oracle GoldenGate 12c can be used to implement a uni-directional architecture. By highlighting these use cases, this session will provide the basics for understanding Oracle GoldenGate 12c and how to configure each of the components in the architecture within an Oracle-to-Oracle environment. IOUG WEBINAR Data: 28/01/2015 Horário: 12:00 às 13:00 Local: Webinar Registre-se
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