Table Compression in Oracle Database 10g Release 2

Table Compression in Oracle Database 10g Release 2
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Commercially available relational database systems have not heavily utilized compression techniques on data stored in relational tables. One reason is that the trade-off between time and space for compression is not always attractive for relational databases. A typical compression technique may offer space savings, but only at a cost of much increased query time against the data. Furthermore, many of the standard techniques do not even guarantee that data size does not increase after compression.

Oracle Database 10g Release 2 provides a unique compression technique that is very attractive for large data warehouses. It is unique in many ways. Its reduction of disk space can be significantly higher than standard compression algorithms, because it is optimized for relational data. It has virtually no negative impact on the performance of queries against compressed data; in fact, it may have a significant positive impact on queries accessing large amounts of data, as well as on data management operations like backup and recovery. It ensures that compressed data is never larger than uncompressed data.

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