WebCenter Suite 11g: Empowering Users to Create an Agile and Intelligent Business

WebCenter Suite 11g: Empowering Users to Create an Agile and Intelligent Business
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Information workers today need more agile, responsive, and context-rich enterprise portals in order to drive innovation and keep their organization’s competitive edge. With the influence of Web 2.0 technologies such as blogs, wikis, and social networking, employees, customers and partners expect these rich Web 2.0 capabilities to be included in the applications, portals and Web sites that they use. This means that organizations will need to deliver rich, participatory enterprise portals that make it easy for users to immediately locate what they need through a variety of ways, quickly access and connect with like-minded users and experts, and directly personalize and customize applications to meet their specific needs.

Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g enables organizations to create flexible and rich portals, applications and Web sites, and places robust customization components and enterprise- ready Web 2.0 capabilities directly into the hands of users to increase productivity and drive business agility and intelligence. At its core, Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g speeds the delivery of these next generation applications and portals that blend composite interfaces, social communities, web applications, along with departmental and enterprise portals. This enables IT to maximize existing hardware, software, and resources as well as deliver applications that meet business needs faster.

Specifically for business users, WebCenter Suite 11g includes a number of capabilities to that empower users and improve productivity. WebCenter Spaces is an out-of-the-box application that enables users to build and manage dynamic online communities in order to quickly find and share information, collaborate on new ideas, and manage projects without waiting for IT to build a specialized solution. WebCenter Services contains a complete set of Enterprise 2.0 and social computing services that allow users to easily integrate these capabilities directly with enterprise applications, portals, and business processes in order to create richer connections and improve the overall effectiveness of applications and the business. WebCenter’s Business Dictionary and Composer gives business users role-specific views of pre-packaged integrations with all the resources in the enterprise, such as enterprise applications, content and rich media, business intelligence, and business processes. With direct access to these resources, business users can simply personalize and customize their portals and applications without the help of IT.

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